Surf4Money Review

Do you know what is Surf4Money ?

Surf 4 money is a Automatic Traffic Exchange where you can surf automatically and advertise your sites to the whole world

Surf 4 money is a scam ?

At this point i am not able to say it is a scam or not .But here i am request you to read this full article for find an opinion about site is a member based website that allows you to earn money by surfing through their sponsors websites using their special browser.

You earn cash by visiting sponsored websites; simply visit 100 sites every day to earn $2.00 ( as per their site statement ) of first level. This takes normally less than 30 minutes per day!
You can also earn extra cash by signing up new members.

Their referral program pays up to 10% in commission of each upgrade purchase made by your direct referrals.You can upgrade your account at any time with 1-1000 units $15 each. The more units you buy the more you can earn.

But you could not find any statement that clearly describes ” you will get paid if you are a FREE member or not ”

But you can use your points to advertise your site or programs in surf 4 money website as just like as i did for my website

You can also use your points to advertise banners on just as like i did for my website

( as like the banner below )

price benders

If you have a website or program to advertise then surf4money is ok .but what about if you do not have one.Do you get the money as they offer in their website ?

Minimum payout for is 5 $ . After reaching 20 $ i advertise my website first

after some days i advertise my banner also

Then i look for cash out of 15$ from

If you are free member you need to pay 0.05 $ through wiredpay first to confirm the account  .i do the same through my wired pay account


But after do the same also my account in shows the same balance so wait for some days and went for trying cash out second time .this time also i am leading to the same wiredpay site with out any remark that you are going to  pay any amount

but during the payment i noticed that they need 15$ more for payout

so at this time cancel i will check at next time they really pay me if i am paid 15$

please wait for some days i will update the review


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